Milk & Cookies Candles

Delicious, chocolate sandwich cookie dipped in rich, vanilla milk


Votive Candles

2 oz votives made hand-poured right into the container. Burn time 12 hours and you can buy regular votives to refill. Great for Weddings or Bridal Shower favors.


Cappuchino Candles

These frothy drinks are simply irresistable! Coffee drinkers love the robust flavor these candles bring to the table!


Dessert Jar Candles

Your favorite desserts in these glass containers makes for low maintenance aroma that will flow through your home. Choose between Apple Crisp, Peach Cobbler, Cherry Cheesecake, Sugar Cookie and Strawberry Cheesecake

Which dessert would you like?



Art of Seduction Body Massage Tins

8 oz soy tins liquifies in 10 minutes and ready to pour on for a great massage! Sexy Scents




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