Ice Cream Cone Candle

A hefty swirl of ice cream served on a fresh baked cone



9 inch Strawberry Cheesecake Candle

Our super size cheesecake ia a perfect centerpiece for any dining room or kitchen table. Loaded with fragrance



Cherry Cheesecake Candle

Fresh baked . . . 7” cheesecake topped with Juicy cherries and drizzled with glaze packaged in a bakery tin pan



Vanilla Fruit Shake Candle

This rich and thick vanilla shake is layered with juicy glazed strawberries and topped with a plump cherry. Who can say no to this?



Pie Slice Candle

Fresh baked pie slice large enough to fill a big appetite. Choose from Boston Baked, Cherry, Strawberry, Apple, Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Pecan, Peach, Banana Cream and Chocoholic Cream Pie


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