Maple Pecan Breakfast anyone? Picture a pan of hot, sticky buns with frosting!
Mulberry Incredibly strong scented berry
Muscadine (Grape) A very sweet grape
Nag Champa A popular incense fragrance. Rich with spices and florals from India
Nutty Taffy Apples Sweet, crunchy and fruity all in one!
Ocean Mist A clean and refreshing, ocean scent
Patchouli A strong , classic fragrance bearing a deep earth, musky scent.
Pear Berry This pear puts a unique twist on berries!
Plumeria Very strong but smooth perfumey, floral scent
Pumpkin Pie A rich pumpkin pie with a touch of spice
Pumpkin Spice A spicier version of pumpkin pie
Purely Herbal Very clean, fresh and invigorating!
Rootbeer All you need is some vanilla ice-cream!
Sandalwood A very rich, earthy scent. Very popular
Sea Breeze A very light, clean, airy scent that will remind you of of a midsummer's night at the ocean
Sex on the Beach Upbeat blend of peach, orange & cranberry
Spring Rain A fresh, light rain scent with a floral undertone
Strawberry Jam The freshest and juiciest strawberry ever!
Sugar Cookie The sweetest member of the vanilla family, this rich, full bodied fragrance is tops!

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