Sweet Cream Rich and smooth egg nog with a hint of rum
Tiger Eyes Smooth, alluring and sensual
Tropical Cooler A cool, tall, fruity drink with an umbrella and cherry on top
Vanilla Velvet A very warm, rich, sweet, high-powered vanilla
Water Blossom Ivy Type This incredible BBW smell-alike will awaken your senses with it's smooth, clean fragrance! A white floral fantasy... like a cascading waterfall of sweet flowers, flowing into a soft musky background.
Wild Watermelon It's summer, the grill is fired up and the children playing at the beach
Wine & Roses Heavy Roses and a touch of wine notes. Very strong and true to it's name!
Ylang Ylang An Indonesian tree with yellow blossoms that gives a narcotic, sweet floral smell similiar to Jasmine. Very relaxing
Yuletide A holiday gift basket filled with citrus fruits & spices

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