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I love my candles. I have one in every room. They smell wonderful and they make me feel good. I am a customer for life! - Dena Craig, Judge Mathis Show

Hey Angel!

The show went very well and we sold completely out of your candles! Thank
you, thank you, thank you for coming to our rescue at such late notice!!! I
look forward to doing business with you again real soon! Absolutely, you can
include us as a link on your site and we will do the same for you! That's
what it's all about..."Sista gyrrls" networkin'!! - Relana Johnson, Strut Image Consulting

I received the candles last Tuesday and started burning them right away. I forgot which scent that I started to burn (I ordered quite a few plus you added some extras -- THANKS!!). They all smelled heavenly right out of the box!!! What I love most is how they smell good long after you stop burning them. I haven't burned any of the candles in a couple of days and frankly, I don't have to. The scent permeates throughout the room without being lit!!

Also, kudos for keeping me informed about when you would send them, when they were actually sent and for asking how I liked them. That is excellent customer service. You can be assured that I am a life-long customer!! - Sharon, Englewood, NJ

Absolutely NOTHING, will hold you down. Ain't nothing stopping you girl! Great article!

Erika - DoubleStitch.com

P.S.- I love your candles


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