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STRESS RELIEF - Crystal Wax Melts

STRESS RELIEF - Crystal Wax Melts

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Enhance your sense of well-being. release good endorphins and other natural neural chemicals after a long day. Work your P.M.S. health (Physical, Mental, Spiritual) with Howlite crystals along with lavender and ylang-ylang oils.

Physically: Howlite is a calming stone which also strengthens your teeth and aids in shiny hair.

Mentally: Howlite can bring on an overall feeling of ease preventing negative or fearful thoughts from taking over your mind.

Spiritually: Howlite helps you focus on meditation and clears the mind for rest and relaxation. 

Lavender & Ylang Ylang can assist with sleep reduce anxiety & depression, boost mood and help generate a serene state of mind.

We all can use some STRESS RELIEF on a daily basis!

This wax melt is handmade with a soy-blend wax and fragrance that is phthalate and toxin free. Approximate net weight 1.75oz.

These wonderful wax melts contain real crystals that you can use once your wax has melted. You can use tweezers to remove while the wax is cooling.


*Disclaimer: Always consult with a doctor or therapist if you have serious medical or mental disorders.


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